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Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking, the person responsible for booking the Talent remains solely liable for payment.


All fees for usage are for the right to use the Talent’s voiceover performance and, once agreed, are payable whether or not the right is exercised. Unless specifically agreed in writing with Go Voices, usage is not permitted if payment is has not been received in full within 30 days of the booking. Payments made direct to the Talent will not discharge liability for invoices of a confirmed booking. The Client accepts that it shall remain liable for any such outstanding invoices.

The Nature of Booking

shall be agreed before the booking proceeds. If this nature of the booking or requested usage is found to be different after completion the Client may not use the Talent’s voiceover performance without the prior written consent of Go Voices and the negotiation of a revised fee.


Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the booking will be charged at full session fee. If a booking is cancelled within 72 hours of the start time half the agreed session fee will be charged.

Talent Audience

While every effort is made to provide satisfactory service, as the agent we cannot be held responsible for a Talent’s conduct on any assignment. Go Voices is not responsible if the Talent fails to attend a booking. The Client is advised to insure against any losses which might be suffered if the Talent doesn’t keep a booking because of ill health or some other reason. Go Voices will not be liable for any loss or liability arising directly or indirectly through any cause or act as a result of negligence or late arrival by any of the Talent.


All matters relating to the use of the Talent’s performance, or any other services supplied by the Talent, and all associated fees must be negotiated and agreed only with Go Voices. If the Client or any other person on their behalf or connected with them obtains the Talent’s signature on any document or the Talent’s purported verbal agreement to anything, the Client acknowledges that is not binding on the Talent or Go Voices unless and until it is agreed in writing by Go Voices. The Client will not seek to employ Talent introduced by Go Voices without first seeking and obtaining Go Voices’ prior written consent.


The employment status of a Talent will be dependent upon the contract agreed with the Client. However nothing in these terms shall render a Talent to be an employee of Go Voices in any way. It is acknowledged and agreed that Go Voices shall have no responsibility or liability in respect of the work status of a Talent.


A voucher must be signed, or agreed to through electronic acceptance, for every booking unless a SAG or AFTRA contract is supplied by the Client to Go Voices prior to a union booking. Invoices will be created according to the terms on the voucher.